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Not sure what you need? With so many options it can be confusing.

We've listed all of our hosting plans side-by-side, so you can see what you get with each one. If you're still not sure, e-mail or call our hosting experts at and we'll be happy to help you walk through your decision.

Want more power? Check out a Linux Shared or Reseller hosting.

What Is WHOIS?

WHOIS is a response to a request for information about a domain name or owner of a domain. But usually it displays information that veils the ownership of that domain.
If you are looking for internet credibility it makes little sense to use a WHOIS privacy service. Currently a lot of spammers use this service to hide their identity. A site using this service immediately arouses suspicion.

Site Builder

A Site Builder is probably the most effective and easy to use website constructing software on the market today.
And you can’t argue with the price. It’s free. From the get-go you are guided through the whole process of choosing your custom domain, then picking a template and easily editing your text and pictures.
There are tips on fine-tuning search engine optimization with an excellent SEO ebook that’s available as an add-on. There is nothing lacking in SiteBuilder and this user highly recommends it as the premier tool for building and maintaining your website for life. Novices and seasoned website builders alike will find a lot to love and almost nothing to dislike about this software. There are plenty of site builder tutorials out there.

Customer support is rapid and always seems to solve any minor glitches that occur on the path to building your site. Users have frequently reported that they were able to do in a couple of days on SiteBuilder what it took months to achieve with other programs.

Internet Marketing

A lot has changed in internet marketing in the past few years. And today there’s one word that sums up what you need to be a successful internet marketer – content, content, content. It’s that important that it’s worth saying it three times. And that content needs to be relevant and full of up-to-date industry information. The marketer must also never forget what the target audience is and what they think they need. Internet marketing has effectively eclipsed and overtaken TV and radio advertising which has shown to be far less effective in helping consumers decide what to buy. Which brings us neatly to the other half of this powerful marketing team……………social media.

Social Media

The fastest and most effective way to reach the maximum number of eyes and ears is through social media. And by that we mean Facebook, LinkedIn. Twitter and more recently Pinterest and Google. Identify your market. Then listen to
them. Don’t look back and don’t forget what you came to do.

What Is VPS Hosting?

A Virtual Private Server is essentially a machine that mirrors an operating system and allows the user access to use software Not everyone needs to have a fully dedicated web server. If you're just getting starting your website, you can save a lot of money by renting just part of the server. This is also known as shared hosting.

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How to choose the right Domain Name for your Business?

What is a domain name and how exactly does it work. Read more about domains on Wikipedia.
Let's say your site is targeting people who are traveling in California and your business offers a party bus service that takes visitors on a brewery tour. San Diego for example is America's capital of beer. What is the right domain name to choose?
You'd probably go for something that contains the words "San Diego" and "Brewery Tour" in order to tell your customers what you're offering. A good choice would be People who wanted to spice up their visit in Southern California would immediately find you and your business would strive.

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